Eclipsed is a 2.5D puzzle video game in which you take part in a horrific cooperative adventure.

You and your partner embody Dolores and Lucian, two young siblings who find themselves trapped in a sinister and mysterious universe.

With the help of an artefact that will keep you connected to your world, you'll have to deal with the threats that surround you, while solving some twisted puzzles. Between frightening creatures and morbid revelations, you'll need to keep your cool while remembering that there's strength in numbers.

(Possible future platforms available)


Arkemys Studio Sàrl is an indie game studio based in Geneva, Switzerland, focusing on the development of innovative and engaging cooperative experiences in the horror genre.

As a team, we promote a friendly and supportive work environment in which we can develop our creativity freely. We're currently working on our first game, Eclipsed.

Ashley Lopez

Founder and Creative Lead

Samuel Angeles

Project Manager

Théo Robert

Writer and 2D Artist

Adélaïde Zwahlen

2D Artist

Cloé Ferrara

3D Artist

Rémi Ginzburg

Game designer and Programmer



Arkemys Studio Sàrl
Rue Dr-Alfred-Vincent 16 CH-1201 Genève